Formulation Development

R & D efforts focus on developing generic drugs at its state of the art facilities and creating a healthy basket of products for international markets. Our formulation development service is aimed at finding newer technology in less cost and minimize timeline with the help of DOE software. We are committed to building strong client partnership and designing, planning and implementing high quality programmes that help TFCP to reach key milestones on time and within budget.

TFCP will utilize in-house formulation know-how and proprietary patented drug delivery technologies to develop high value branded and generic products. TFCP is advancing a carefully selected pipeline of new product developments which continues to expand over time.

Formulation Development Capabilities :

  • Product development is carried out in compliance with the latest regulatory guidance such as ICH Q8, QBD.
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) is applied by Statease software.
  • To develop a proof of concept and create a position by proactively patenting technologies thus developed.
  • Early protection to formulation opportunities.
  • To develop Non Infringing (NIF) strategies, patent drafting, filing and coordinating with IP agents & attorneys.
  • To create Value by Innovation.
  • To develop platform technology.
  • Dosage form capabilities.
  • Pellets, tablets, capsules [IR/CR/DR/MR/ER]
  • Effervescent tablets and sachets
  • Lyophilized Injectables
  • Small Volume Parenterals
  • Liquid Oral Solutions and suspensions