UNIT II (Roorkee – Haridwar)

  • The Formulation manufacturing facility is set up on an independent plot at Roorkee, Haridwar District.
  • The site is located at a distance of about 72 Km from Dehradun and about 30 Km from Haridwar. The site is free from any toxic or obnoxious gases or other pollutants from neighbouring industries.
  • This Site is surrounded by vacant land on three sides.
  • This site measures 1.27 Acres and is away from polluting industries, with well-developed infrastructure facilities.
  • The total built-up area is around 48,000 Sq. Ft. comprising of Main Block, Canteen, Admin and ETP etc.
  • We have provided separate area/floors for manufacturing of ß-lactum Penicillin antibiotics and Cephalosporin antibiotics, separated by a service floor, with independent AHUs and related infrastructure.
  • To Manufacture Pharmaceutical formulations of Beta-Lactam both Penicillins and Cephalosporins Antibiotics in the form of Tablets and Dry Syrups.
  • Production complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices
  • WHO GMP Approved
  • NDA –UGANDA Approved
  • PPB - Kenya Approved
  • GMP – IVORY COAST Approved
  • NAFDAC – NIGERIA Approval
  • WHO GMP – GENEVA approval process is underway
  • Registered with Srilanka
  • Manufacture the products as per the requirements of the customer


  • Dedicated plant for Beta Lactam Formulation also with Clavulanic Acid Combinations Products